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To banner exchange with my website, send me your request –

Link exchange program is vital for SEO and website visibility through search engines. Avoiding toxic links is challenging. So, I do not swap banners / links with every website. I will check your website too, and if it is potentially a toxic link I will decline. However, if your link is clean, and adult realted, I would be happy to exchange banenr / links with your website. Get in touch with me, send me a link to your website, and we can go from there.

Please note… no banner farm/ mirror sites. Cutting corners never works. Just do the right thing.  When adding my banner to your site it must be visible as your banenr will be visible on my website. Additionally, my link has to include an ALT keyword. If it is not included, i will remove your banner. When I run my mouse over my banner on your website, I should be able to see it. This is important for SEO, and without it I don’t do banner exchanges anymore.

happy to exchange links with most adult websites – directories – private escorts – escort agencies even photohraphers as long at they are qood quality sites with no toxic links that come up in my assessment.

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Melbourne Mature Escort