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Escorts Melbourne

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Stephanie Hunter is one of Melbourne’s top  mature escorts available to meet you. She caters mainly for outcall arrangement, meaning she will visit you in your hotel or selectively in some residences. Elegant, chic, well travelled and educated, Miss Hunter is the epitome of a confident, elegant high end companion. If you are a traveller, and get to Melbourne frequently on business or leisure, and are looking for exquisite female companionship, Miss Hunter is your best choice in Melbourne.

Whether you wish to meet for a few hours, a dinner date or an overnight date in Melbourne, Miss Hunter will make your evening memorable. 

She divides her time between Europe and Australia, so she is not always in Australia with availability to meet. For this reason, prior notice to meet is essential. Get in touch via email to find out availability, and whether your desired day or evening to meet is possible.

Miss Hunter is an independent high end private escort, not associated with escort agencies, or agents. She chooses to advertise on very few Australian Escort Directories. The best way to find Miss Hunter is to get in touch with her through one of her website.

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Escorts Melbourne
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Melbourne Mature Escort

There are many ways to meet Mature Escorts in Melbourne, but it requires a little bit of work on your part to meet trully High Class Melbourne Escorts. In Australia, the general consensus is for most escorts to advertise and promote themselves through third party escort directories. Very few have serious websites, where they promote themselves on a serious level through their personal and individual websites. Majority of Australian Escorts flock to very average looking Australian escort directories, and pay exhorbitant fees to be featured amongst their pages.

The truth is, there are so many profiles there, from independent escorts, to agency escorts ( promoted as independents) to brothel workers. You would struggle to find anyone decent on these directories. After a while, all the profiles look all the same. Lot’s of nudity, some ( majority)  vulgar competing for business, but not many classy profiles. Times have certainly changed. As time has gone by, the profiles on these directories have become worse and worse regretfully. With vulgar advertising and a menu of servies on display, the type of client that is attracted to these directories is not really the high end escort type of client. High End Escort clients tend to leave these spaces because they are turned off. And hardly surprising. 

The true high class companions invest in their brand and in their websites. And having a good websites takes time, patience and money. High End Escorts prioritise their websites first and foremost. Internationally, all the high end luxury companions have beautiful websites. It is their  virtual business cards.

Australia in general is a little behind the times. 

So, try to find high class escorts in Melbourne via google and other search engines. Look for Independent Private Escorts, rather then directory listings if you wish to meet a high end Australian escort.  You will need to sift through pages and pages on goggle to find them though, because these tacky escort directories dominate google and other search engines. But they are there. You just have to find them!

Stephanie Hunter – Melbourne Mature Escort

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Australian Escort Stephanie Hunter

High Class Melbourne Escorts 

High Class Escorts not just in Melbourne but worldwide operate very differently to most lower end escorts. Firstly, high class escorts are not available to meet you at the drop of a hat. They have schedules and lives. They are not siting in a hotel room by the phone waiting to meet you. And, they have families, many have other businesses, homes and responsibilies and some even are back at Uni getting more degrees. Because why not? Knowledge is power.

So, the point is, if you want to see a high class escort anywhere worldwide, you need to be a little organised and make arrangements in advance. High Class Escorts are never available ” now”. To meet with such a companion, she normally likes to prepare in advance, unrushed, and so if you wish to meet someone ” now” probably a high class escort is not your option. One of the escorts you will find on escort directories is your best bet for that type of ” service”.

Additionally, high class escorts no longer list their phone numbers in their websites. Why you may ask? Because so many nuisance calls come through now, that really it is the way to keep these types of callers at bay.  And so, be prepared to have to send your request through a contact form. Every high class escort will  require different type of information. This is to establish your desirability. To work out if you are the right type of client for her, and to distinguish  as to whether you are indeed a genuine prospect.

Time is money, and time waits for no one.

High Class Escorts in general like Stephanie Hunter prefer outcall to luxury hotels to meet. Incall is not something most aspire to cater for. It is very much a brothel mentality that in recent years has become ” standard” expectation in Australia. High Class Escorts do not keep apartments for men to ” pop” over when the urge is felt. That is what brothels are for. 

Meeting with a high class escort is an experience, best experienced when it is planned ahead, and prepared for.

Stephanie Hunter

Sydney Touring Escorts

Sydney Touring Escorts

Sydney Touring Escorts

Searching to meet Sydney Touring Escorts?

Hello gentlemen in Sydney. I have just announced a tour to Sydney, NSW . I plan to be in town 8-10th of May 2023.

I do not tour regularly, so I hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to meet here while on tour. My usual availability here is via fMTY requests, with only the occassional tour planned.

Most likely I will be in the CBD of Sydney in luxury 5 star accommodations, so I can cater for outcall or incall arrangement when in Sydney.

If you would like to meet when in Sydney, I urge you to make arrangement sooner rather then later. Chances are closer to date of arrival, I wont have any availability left.

Longet extended requests to meet do take priority such as dinner dates and overnight dates when on tour. Shorter hourly booking availability is limited.

email –

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